Thoradin Silverstorm

Pacifist Dwarven Cleric


Thoradin Silverstorm, level 1 Dwarf, Cleric Build: Shielding Cleric Background: Baldur’s Gate (Baldur’s Gate Benefit)

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 16.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 16, Cha 16.

AC: 16 Fort: 11 Reflex: 11 Will: 16 HP: 24 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 6

TRAINED SKILLS Religion +5, Insight +9, Streetwise +10, Heal +9

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics, Arcana, Bluff +3, Diplomacy +3, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +2, History, Intimidate +3, Nature +4, Perception +4, Stealth, Thievery, Athletics -1

FEATS Cleric: Ritual Caster Level 1: Defensive Healing Word

POWERS Channel Divinity: Healer’s Mercy Cleric at-will 1: Sacred Flame Cleric at-will 1: Gaze of Defiance Cleric encounter 1: Exacting Utterance Cleric daily 1: Beacon of Hope

ITEMS Ritual Book, Adventurer’s Kit, Chainmail, Holy Symbol, Spear, Grappling Hook, Torch (10) RITUALS Gentle Repose, Comprehend Language


Thoradin has always been focused on the healing arts and would rather heal than swing a mace. His views have clashed with his people, but his healing is so extraordinary that Thoradin was tolerated. Thoradin was not one to argue however, and preferred to quietly stay in the back of battle healing and boosting his friends.

Being different is a part of life for Thoradin. He does not even share the views of his god completely. Though he serves Laole he does share his gods views on undead. This has not prevented being blessed with fantastic healing powers, but has resulted in negative affects should he attack a bloodied enemy.

Having a wanderlust and conflicted soul, Thoradin decides to set off for adventure and leave his dwarven kin to their grumbling. He is not seeking fame and glory, only chances to excercise his powerful healing to boost his ally’s in battle.

Thoradin Silverstorm

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